Race Rental Agreement 

Please print this page out, fill it out and bring it in at the time of pick-up. Thanks!


Finish Line Sports Race Rental Agreement

Contact: Andy Stewart, 281-242-7200


Event Name: ____________________________________________  Event Date: ________________________________


Renter/Contact:__________________________________________  Email: _____________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________ Home Phone: ______________________________


City, State, Zip: __________________________________________  Cell Phone: ________________________________


Equipment pick up date: _________________________________  Time: _____________________________________


Equipment return date: __________________________________  Time: _____________________________________




1. Renter is responsible for the timely pick up and return of rented items, at the agreed upon times.

Pick up and return are at Finish Line Sports, 13895 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, Texas 77478


2. Payment in full is required at equipment pickup. Renter is responsible for replacement or repair of all lost or damaged items. A credit card number must be placed on file for incidental fees or damages.


3. A $25 re-stocking fee will be assessed for cones returned in condition other than stacked in blocks of 20. A Late Return fee of $25 will be assessed for returns more than one hour past the agreed time, without verbal consent.


4.  Items rented are to be returned in the same quantitites and condition as when picked up.


By signing below, renter assumes personal responsibility for the above conditions


Signature: _____________________________________________, Renter  Date: ________________________________


Credit Card Type and Number: _________________________________  Exp. Date: ___________________________


Name on Credit Card: __________________________________________  Address/Zip: ________________________



Signature: _______________________________________________________________Finish Line Sports


Payment of $__________ due at pickup.  Rec'd ___________. Payment tupe: ______________________________


13895 Southwest Freeway at Sugar Creek Blvd exit

Sugar Land, Texas 77478

T: 281-242-7700

12-5 Monday

12-6 Tuesday

12-5 Wednesday

12-6 Thursday

12-5 Friday

11-5 Saturday


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