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Boy Scouts

Meet Eagle Scout Chris Willoughby. We received the thank you note  below his picture from Chris in appreciation for the donation Finish Line Sports made.























"Dear Mr. Stewart.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn money by helping out on raceday. I used the money to fund my Eagle project. Last Christmas, I hosted a Christmas party for those living at the Fort Bend County Women's Shelter, surviviors of domestic violence and their children. I rented a bounce house, Santa came and took pictures with the guests and gave each a gift bag with a beanie baby and $10 gift card. It was a fun day with lots of smiles. In addition to the party, I held a collection drive and collected $200.00 in gift cards, $300.00 value in diapers and wipes, 37 new toys, 12 new and 138 used blankets and linens, and many clothes, used toys and household items. I funded the party and purchased an additional $400.00 in gift cards with the money earned from Finish Line Sports over a 2 year period. I donated the items to the shelter to be used by the clients there, used in the Santa Store for the clients to pick gifts or sold in the resale shop to fund the shelter. Thanks for your support!

Chris W"

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