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FLS Speedwork

Want to run faster? Nothing beats dedicated speedwork, led by coach Andy Stewart, founder of FLS with 40+ years of run coaching experience. 


Each session is limited to 35 runners maximum, subdivided into 3-4 speed groups. We work on the mental aspects of running/racing as much as the physical. SPEEDWORK is challenging, yet FUN and social. 

Ages 7 and above are welcome.  We have a great mix of eager runners of all ages. All abilities are welcome. On run on grass. Invite your friends. 


Andy has helped thousands of runners not only achieve their goals, but exceed them. He knows how to get the best out of you.

We meet Monday and Wednesday afternoons/evenings for four-week mini-camps.  


Cost: $100 for month.


Questions? Call Andy at 281-435-0839 (cell)

Speedwork Location

Our home base is Imperial Park on Hwy 90 in Sugar Land. 7620 Hwy 90, next to Discount Tire. All on grass, to save your legs. Some hills always thrown in to increase your strength. 

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